Soul Talk

Soul Talk As human beings we have an inherent need to engage in what is referred as ‘Soul Talk’, which ...Read More

A Margin of Safety

A Margin of Safety   Laurence Gawronsky 2020/11/01 In the United States Declaration of Independence written in 1776 it says ‘We hold ...Read More

Dare to be Wise

Dare to be Wise At the 2020 Democratic Party National Convention the candidate Vice President Joe Biden, accepted the nomination ...Read More

The Wisdom of Monkeys

A friend of mine sent me a video clip of a young girl who asked her mother “Where did we come from?” The mother replied “we were created by God”. ...Read More

Practice Thinking

I recently thought Do we actually practice our thinking? In any field of activity, if one wants to get better in that activity, one has to practice. ...Read More

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Laurence Gawron

has had an interest in philosophy and spiritual insight. He is married to Fiona and has two sons in their 20’s. He manages his own business and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He has created this blog to share some of his thoughts. Many of these blogs were initially shared at the Gate House Spiritual Centre in Cape Town.

The name ‘Sunlight on Mist’ was inspired by the view from the Contour Path on Table Mountain on a misty day. The picture on the top of this blog was taken at the time when the city was covered in a dense mist and there was limited visibility, but the view above the mist was inspiring. In the distance the sunlight shines above the mist, lighting the top of the iconic Lions Head and the slopes of Table Mountain. Hence this blog is dedicated to bringing an enlightened view to consciousness shrouded in misty thinking.



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