A Gigantic Experiment

Most human beings naturally have an urge to love and to feel connected at a heart-to-heart level. Human beings are social animals and throughout the centuries most human beings have been part of the tribe. But now, in the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking at how to feel connected while living in isolation during the lockdown.

That is, to feel that is one is part of something larger and not just having an experience of isolation because one is living by oneself or with immediate family or a partner. In isolation it’s very easy to become preoccupied, self-concerned, feel disconnected from society and then lose one’s creativity and vitality.

Consider that during the lockdown we have been part of a gigantic experiment to stop a virus spreading, in a way that has never been tried before. Throughout history it was the sick people who were isolated, now it is the general populace who are isolating by law. The Covid-19 lockdown is an experiment in individual and collective survival as a humanity tries not to succumb to the virus.

This lockdown has entailed restricting all non-essential activities, by stopping human beings interacting face to face (we can still connect using computers and phones). As a result of the lockdown one can find oneself feeling out of the flow because of this social and commercial isolation. But there will also be consequences of the Covid-19 lockdown due to the lack of economic flow affecting businesses who are unable to generate revenue. We trust that business will eventually be able to start up and come alive again but this experiment that saves lives could also go economically wrong.

It is reported that there are research projects around the world to discover a vaccine and clinical trials currently being conducted. But even a clinical trial takes time and there will be failures among the experiments; they will also discover side effects. The developing of a vaccine can’t just happen in a month or two.

In our lives we can experiment on how to be more loving, to be more spiritually connected and how to live life fully. I find I am living in an experiment as I continue to learn and grow through a process of spiritual discovery. But in doing those life enhancing experiments there will also be failure. Yet our experimentation in exploring spiritual understanding needs to continue even when it seems boring as it requires application to keep moving forward.

Part of the experimentation is discovering what it is to be part of a field; what Rupert Sheldrake described as a morphic field where resonance is shared. As a part of a morphic field we allow the flow to happen between us so that it not only benefits others, but also nourishes our own soul, so that we feel more alive at the core of ourselves. In this time of isolation it is easy to feel disconnected and not part of a larger field. Consider that we can have a new experience of life when we discover what it is to feel connected and part of a larger resonant field.

During the Covid-19 lockdown there may be feelings that life is boring, that during the isolation there is a sameness to every day and that there is only so much television one can watch. People feel a limitation because the only way they can leave home is to go shopping, unless they work in a business that is an essential service.

Spiritually we are also part of an essential service in that we are here to serve and it is essential that we do that. This service is not only in providing what is necessary to keep life going at a minimal level as is the case during the Covid-19 lockdown. Rather we can provide a service essential to the soul through sharing spiritual essences that nourish the soul. The soul needs spiritual nourishment. The soul is not designed to be isolated.

We may have had trauma in the past through adverse experiences that have happened in our lives, but the healing occurs when the soul is nourished and inspired by or in association with others who are also part of the morphic field of resonance.

So, the experimentation is to discover how to be in the world with a nourished soul that is part of a larger field. There are times when I’ve had to catch myself during the week, where I’ve been so involved in my life that I had forgotten that I’m also part of something larger, spiritually speaking. Instead I found myself in survival mode, forgetting that I’m here to bring something more than that.

In the lockdown circumstances that as we are currently experiencing, it’s very easy to be in survival mode, rather than experiencing and offering an essential service for the soul. But I am here to see another way beyond self-preoccupation and to conduct an ongoing experiment in seeing my life as an opportunity for spiritual service in bringing enlightenment into the world.

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